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The Next Generation in Safety Box Cutters

Safety box cutters from SafetyMargin.netNo matter what industry you are in, workplace safety is a top priority.

An investment to increase the safety factor of daily operations in a business pays dividends in the long run. A safer workplace means less injuries to workers, leading to increased efficiency and productiveness. It also means a reduction in damage to merchandise while removing packaging. wants to help provide a safer environment at your workplace with the newest in innovative safety cutting tools, the Klever X-Change cutter.

Safe and Versatile Box Cutters

Klever X-Change -safety box cutters Klever X-Change -safety box cutters

The unique design of the Klever X-Change offers both versatility and safety in tackling almost any workplace cutting job. With a replaceable protected blade and an ergonomically shaped handle, the Klever X-Change lets you comfortably cut through thousands of jobs without the danger of cutting yourself.

Thousands of Uses

Here are just a few of the jobs you can tackle with this safety cutter:

  • Opening cardboard boxes without damaging the contents
  • Removing the plastic packing straps from shipping crates
  • Opening consumer shrink wrap on sealed products
  • Cutting baling twine and string
  • Opening large padded shipping envelopes
  • Removing sealed shipping labels from packages

...and the list goes on and on.

Click Here to see video of just a few of the jobs
that the Klever X-Change can handle.

All of our cutting tools help companies drastically reduce costs associated with injury claims and damaged merchandise by increasing the safety factor within the workplace.

Protection for People and Products

Saefty Cutters protect fingers, does not damage contents, and has a convenient tape splitter

Our safety box cutters--the Klever X-Change, the Klever Kutter and the Klever Koncept-- are are among the safest cutting tools on the market. Their unique design offers ease of use and versatility for safe operation in a wide variety of applications.

  • Recessed safety blade helps prevent accidental contact, reducing the opportunity for personal injury, lost productivity and possible lawsuits

  • After a long useful life, you can replace the blade on the Klever X-Change for uninterrupted use.  Our other safety cutters can be conveniently discarded, eliminating the need to handle or replace used blades.

  • With their shielded cutting area, our safety box cutters reduce the risk of damaging merchandise while cutting packaging

  • Our safety box cutters meet the needs of a variety of applications and their high quality blades last for hundreds of cuts

For more information about our "cutting edge" products, contact us through our Contact Form or call 1-800-741-3806.

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