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Uses for Our Safety Cutters

Although Klever Kutters and the Klever Koncept were originally developed to replace dangerous box-cutters and other kinds of so-called "safety knives," their design makes them the perfect tools for dozens of applications in a variety of settings.


Keeping a Klever Kutter in your favorite kitchen drawer insures successful opening of food packaging from onion bags to plastic meat packs to cases of bottled beverages in shrink wrap. Stainless steel blades make them dishwasher safe with no fear of cross contamination.

Having a Klever Koncept close by makes cutting up plastic milk or juice cartons a breeze, and cutting apart cardboard boxes is a quick and easy job without the fear of cutting yourself..

Food Delivery Routes

Whether you are opening bottled water or cases of snack chips, the unique design of either "Kutter" allows them to be carried in your pocket and ready to use. There is no need to worry about accidentally slicing into the product and wasting profits or having to clean up messy spills.


The Klever Kutter makes a great addition to any tackle box or backpack for cutting everything--string, twine, rope, or food packs. Attach one to a lanyard around your neck to have it close at hand for quickly snipping fishing line without reaching for clumsy pliers or awkward clippers.

Storage Facilities

The design of both the Klever Kutter and the Klever Koncept make them perfect for cutting shrinkwrap plastic and for removing it from boats and other large items after winter storage without any concerns of damaging the item or harming the user.


The bright vibrant colors of the Klever Koncept make it ideal to hang in the barn and easy to find. Use it for everything from cutting twine off bales of hay to cutting open bags of feed for all your barnyard friends.

Discover hundreds of other uses for your Kool Kutter. Contact us with your suggestion and we may add it our list--if we do, we'll give you the credit.

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